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Dec 25, 2003

but it's exactly like the players ware,, just the number + name arent there (i can request number + name ;) )
Sep 28, 2002
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then whts called official official?
the jerseys players wear during games. it's made from different material. i have one cause i bought one from juvestore last summer. how do i know it's official you ask? it was on sale at juvestore and it said that its authentic. and its made from different fabric than replicas. and it cost 100 euros. nice, eh?

www.calcioitalia.com also sells authentic ones. 100 euros too though.


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Oct 4, 2004
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    ++ [ originally posted by Fliakis ] ++

    no you dont. authentics arent for sale at any place freely, the fact that you buy them at nike megastore doesnt change it.

    and good day my "fellow" estonian. im from lithuania and i'm a prick. welcome :D
    http://www.subsidesports.com/uk/store/search_results.jsp there are some authentics,http://www.subsidesports.com/uk/store/search_results.jsp there are some replicas.the only different thing is that authentics have this undershirt.http://www.juvestore.com/dettaglio.asp?id_prodotto=35 i thin this is that undershirt what makes replica to authentic.or am i wrong?

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