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May 24, 2003
From Juventus.com

"Special event for Juventus. On Friday,12th of September, in a central avenue of Turin, Via Garibaldi, 4/e, there will be the opening of the first Juventus Store. At 18, with Juventus’ managers, technical staff and players attending the event, there will be the official opening of the first shop in Italy where it will be possible to buy all the products with the Juventus’ brand. Few hours earlier, because of the jet lag, another Juventus Store will be opened in Tokyo, Japan. "

You lucky b@stards!:D

I'll be flying to Japan for my next holiday!

Buy on AliExpress.com


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Jul 16, 2003
yeah and i just want $$$ to buy the entire kids and souvenir departments

btw, they should try to make some smaller jerseys for the asian market. Some of us can be considerably smaller.


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Jun 8, 2003
A branch in China will be nice too.

But now my incentive to go to Tokyu for my next holiday has grown tremedously.....


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Jul 16, 2003
Thanks for the pics :extatic: I'm going greenwith envy now....oh..... it's not fair.... just not fair :frown:

and the vertical stripes makes our guys look like convicts :LOL:

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