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Nov 4, 2004
We have been linked with sevral players here is the shortlist of possible incoming tranfers.

1.Meghni (Bologna) (linked with him twice in the summer and two weeks ago bologna admited that juve enquired about him , known as zidane heir and will find his way fast to the fans heart , juve need a playmaker badly and this could be it)

2.Caracciolo (Brescia) (Linked with him twice his also targeted by epl giants arsenal and liverpool , one of the best youngsters in italy and it also known that juve need to boost the front line with a youngster , the main reason that can make this transfer very possible and realistic is that Caracciolo does not have the hight price tag on bojinov and gilardino)

3.Jankulovski (Udinese) (Linked with us since a very long time and lately with inter and ac , latest reports suggest that he may have reached an agreement with ac , but with man like moggi u can never know what will happen , he will fill zambo's place and zambo will take mauro's place as a right winger as juve need to boost the right flank , also known as nedved's heir)

4.Obodo (Fiorentina) (Linked with us once a month ago , very hot talent and very strong has all what it takes to be a juve player , very creative playmaker , the bad thing about him that he will cost juve half miccoli's contract and maresca)

5.Bojinov (Lecce) (Linked with us for sevral times he also said that if he is to move he would favour juve , he said that juve's mentality is like his to win always , targeted by almost all euro giants , the turn down about him is the high price tag of 15 million euros but in my opinion his worth every dime paid , also named as the stoichkov heir)

6. Chiellini (Fiorentina) (Already a Juventus player who is also rated as one of the best talents around , he may be the reason that juve wont sign Jankulovski as he plays at his place and will cost juve nothing , also known as the zambo's heir)

7.Gilardino (Parma) (A great talent and a great player he has been linked with us in the summer but now his linked with ac and a target for real madrid wich will make things harder for us to sign him but nothing is impossible for moggi who also said in the summer that he is not going anywhere untill the summer wich gave an impression that he reached an agreement with parma)

8.Morientes (Real Madrid) (This could be one of the most realistic targets as the the spanish ace is currently unsteled with the spanish giants , also being one of the all time favourites for capello , maybe a loan deal in the next window would take place , another advantage is that juventus can secure his services for a very low price)

those are the strong links not all of them.wich one of those in your opinion would join juve ?

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Oct 13, 2004
Juve plan January Sale
Tuesday 21 December, 2004

Juventus will use the January transfer window to sell rather than buy insists Luciano Moggi.

"We won’t be signing anyone after Christmas," stated the
director general. "We’re more interested in reducing the size of the
squad if possible."

Although the official didn’t mention any names, it is believed that the
likes of Mark Iuliano, Nicola Legrottaglie and even Alessio Tacchinardi could be shown the door.

Juventus may not bring in any new faces, but many at the club will
consider David Trezeguet as a fresh signing once he returns
from injury.

"The French striker is doing well and we should see him back in action
on January 12 in the Italian Cup against Atalanta," Moggi explained.

"Will that see Alex Del Piero dropped to the bench?
The Coach will choose whichever players are in the best shape."

The Turin giants go into the winter break with a four point lead
over Milan – an advantage which some have labelled as lucky given their recent form.

"We do need this break as we are a little tired," noted
the transfer guru. "But if we have this gap over Milan then it is because
we have done well up to now."

This sucks, we should bring back all our 3 players from Fiorentina.
If we don't get Jankuovski we will most probably bring back
Giorgio Chiellini. :D


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Feb 21, 2004
Juventunho, nice summary.

I think Moggi is thinking in the right direction. Sell what we don't need and consolidate for the summer transfer season.


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Oct 27, 2004
I will not dream so much, I will just wait and see. I hate being all fvcked up during the silly season :p too many rumors that make me depressed, when thinking about all of those players we will never see in Juve end up somewhere else or end up being just a useless rumor..!!

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