Juventus - LIVE matches 2022-23 (21 Viewers)

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Badass J Elkann

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Feb 12, 2006
like you know anything about that process

uefa missed a deadline, they charged city too late, the whole case was over before it really started
And you think Uefa will miss this 'deadline' against Juve? No Ceferin is on the war path, if you seriously think UEFA aren't going to ban us from Europe for at least a year then you're frankly deluded


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Jun 23, 2011
Sad part is that sure, one could say that they are uninspired, last game, don't want to play in toto cup next year and many won't even be here next year.
We look exactly the same. Doesn't matter if this is a league title winning game or Lecce away 3am local time.
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