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Jun 9, 2003
Hey SF, welcome back.

G. Buffon
A. Chimenti

A. Birindelli
C. Ferrara
M. Iuliano
N. Legrottaglie
P. Montero
G. Pessotto
L. Thuram
I. Tudor
G. Zambrotta
J. Zebina
Chellini (I'm not sure of the spelling)

S. Appiah
D. Baiocco
M. Blasi
M.G. Camoranesi
N.O. Kapo Obou
E. Maresca
P. Nedved
A. Tacchinardi
M. Brighi
R.A. Olivera

A. Del Piero
M. Di Vaio
F. Miccoli
D. Trezeguet
M.D. Zalayeta
M. Salas

I added a few players that werent on the original list. Chiellini has just joined, while Brighi, Olivera and Salas are all available to Capello altho I doubt they'll stay with us.

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