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Dec 16, 2002
Milan: Juve won derby Monday 25 October, 2004

Channel4 :
Milan chief Silvio Berlusconi and star man Kaka insist that Juventus were the real winners of the San Siro derby.

The Milan clubs played out a 0-0 draw that allowed the Turin giants to increase their lead over Milan and Inter to five and eight points respectively.

"It was a good game, with a high content of technical ability," stated the Italian Prime Minister.

"Inter played some good football and have some dangerous attackers but we were good enough to stop them.

"Milan looked good even if it is a real shame that both sides gifted Juventus two more points."


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Aug 30, 2004
No Juventus did not win anything.

Both Milan and INter lost 2 points. They could either win 3 points or loose 2 or loose 3.

They lost 2 points.

And Frankly. I think the run to the serie a title is between two teams: Juventus and Milan.

xziz :cool:
Aug 26, 2003
oh the milan derby was maybe for Juve, but we now have the 7 gameday!! so lot games to come, the situation can be otherwise in just some days, I hope not, but we could also lose points against Roma, so nothing is decided yet!

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