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Aug 14, 2002
++ [ originally posted by DIESEL ] ++
i think that we will miss trezegeut, and that we should sign another striker as soon as possible before the deadline. possible candidates are chiesa (free agent) and adrian mutu from verona.
I totally agree. Having only 4 strikers(including the injured Trez) is far too little. Last season didn't prove that, but that was because of luck. We started the season with five strikers(Alex, Trez, Amoruso, Zalayeta and Salas.) However, when Salas got injured, only four of these remainded. We then only had two strikers left that were good enough to play in Serie A or Champions League(Alex and Trez). In other words, when Salas got injured we didn't have any good sub. Now, as Amoruso is on loan, we only have 4 strikers, although Salas is fit...On the other side, Trez is injured, what is a far bigger problem than that Salas is fit. Besides, who knows if for example Alex will get a serious injury and won't play for a long time? How are we then going to save the league title or improve in the CL? We need good subs!

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Jul 12, 2002
however our board seems to be concentrating on the wrong places......the 30m for nesta or 10 or so million for another decent striker...it's such an obvious choice.

we have yet to see what massimiliano vieri is capable of.

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