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Jul 12, 2002
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    ++ [ originally posted by IncuboRossonero ] ++

    Sala should not be on that list because he was instrumental in the 1999 Scudetto and actually started many games in the second half of the season. More over, he was not a major acquisition or even a moderate one. Low expectation and he helped in a large way for the Scudetto: much like Ganz.

    I would like to add to Juve's list:

    Daniel Fonseca
    Zenoni (was very promising)
    Attilio Lombardo
    Zoran Mirkovic
    Casiraghi (not THAT bad for some but a stinker in my opinion)
    Thierry Henry (INCREDIBLE!! Much like Vieira and Kluivert for Milan..just didn't work out)
    Nicolo Amoruso (much hype about him)
    I put Sala on the list because I don't think he was and is good enuff to play for Milan, and they did ship him out only for him to come back to score against them quite regularly for a defender

    I would also add Melli, Cruz and Guily(what were you guys thinking) to that list

    For Juve, yes Fonseca and indeed Lombardo but hey Casiraghi was almost always on the bench and I am not sure he was bought , though I might be wrong on that one

    Amoruso ah what a joke and he looks well to me anyways so much like Alessio who also played for Juve in the early 90s/late 80s whilst Miccoli is almost the splitting image of a certain Giancarlo Esposito who I think played for Napoli and probably Empoli

    Yes Juve went to Atalanta via Milan and forked out good money on Zenoni while Milan went direct and wasted money on Donati

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    Jul 12, 2002
    Good Don! Nicola Amoruso, in his first stint with Juve was a deadly striker. Both he and Vieri would come off the bench with devastating effect. After being loaned out and then returning to Juve Amoruso just wasn't the same. I don't put him on the flop list because he did have some good times at Juve. Now Del Piero is marrying Amoruso's sister.

    From Padova to Juventus:

    Di Livio, Amoruso, Del Piero
    Dec 27, 2003
    I agree with Pado that Amoruso had a decent first season with Juventus. In fact he was often picked ahead of Vieri in the beginning.

    Galia was a typical "gregario", or waterboy, not a flop.


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    Nov 16, 2003
    Nah I would keep Amoruso no the list...I never heard the end of that guy and quite franky Ravanelli (in my opinion) contributed more to Juve.
    The same way Amoruso was useful for Juve so was Sala for Milan in the 99 season when our defense was made up of N'Gotty and Ba. Sala came from nowhere to earn himself a starting place on the line-up at such a young age AND was not a major acquisition.

    I wouldn't say Donati is a failure..you just can't expect a 21 year old (at the time) to play much when your mid-field is made up of Pirlo, Seedorf, Rui Costa and Gattuso.

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