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Feb 13, 2004
Benfica-Inter: scouts di Juve e Arsenal per Tiago
Venerdì, 12 marzo @ 11:05:00 CET

Ieri sera sugli spalti dello stadio del Benfica
per assistere alla gara di coppa Uefa contro
l'Inter, sono stati notati degli osservatori
dell'Arsenal e della Juventus. Tutte le
attenzioni degli emissari dei 2 club erano
rivolte al centrocampista Tiago.
Il 22enne nazionale portoghese fa parte della
lista dei possibili sostituti di Davids stilata
dalla triade bianconera.

its says that Juve & Arsenal scouts where at the Benfica vs Inter game to watch the 22 year old Tiago, he is on Juve's list as a possible replacement of Davids.

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Jul 12, 2002
++ [ originally posted by John #10 ] ++
tiago.....we can still do way better.
Well...maybe not. I think we might be pretty well off getting Tiago and Pedretti to sure up our defensive midfield.


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Apr 24, 2003

even Petit in Benfica is a better DM then Tiago he is just
promising and has to proove a lot more before excelling

also DM in Portugal hold a pretty low class if compared to the rest ofEurope....


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Feb 13, 2004
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    Portuguese starlet Tiago has revealed to skysports.com that he would love the chance to play for Arsenal.
    We brought you news last week that The Gunners had rekindled their interest in the 22-year-old Benfica star - after previously watching him in 2003.

    Speaking exclusively to skysports.com - the midfield dynamo has confirmed he would jump at the chance of joining Arsene Wenger's outfit.

    "To play in Arsenal would be a unique opportunity for any professional," the Portugal international revealed.

    "I am happy in Lisbon, but it would be something to think about and almost certainly I would say yes."

    Tiago added that he was not considering any offers at the moment and Benfica would decide his future.

    "I don't know anything officially of any possible transfer, I have a contract with Benfica and it is they who must answer any interested clubs."

    The young defensive midfielder - who has been likened to Patrick Vieira, admits he has been really impressed whenever he has seen The Gunners play.

    "This year I have seen some games of the Arsenal on television and they play the best game in Europe at the moment," he added.

    "They and Real Madrid are the best teams, but the advantage of the Londoners is that they do not depend as much on the individuals as the Spaniards do."

    Tiago reaffirmed that he would love to be given the chance of a move to North London.

    "To be next to soccer players like Henry, Vieira or Pires is worth all the gold in the world," he continued.

    "I know of some friends who would pay for this possibility.

    "English soccer is pretty for the spectator, but very demanding for a soccer player.

    "There is a constant effort and an enormous amount of physical training, but I would be able to give it everything on the pitch.

    "If Cristiano Ronaldo or Helder Postiga is playing in the Premier League, why could I not do it. My age is not a problem."

    Tiago scored the crucial third goal for Benfica in their 3-1 Portuguese Cup semi-final win against Belenenses and the Lisbon giants now face Porto in the May final.


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    Mar 16, 2004
    All this shit makes me angry! We need Tiago. He is a great talent. He can pass and tackle with the best of them. But I hate it when players say shit like that! Fine, let him be worthless and join a team that has never been to a Champion's League Final.

    Roma and Arsenal are not even in World Soccer's Top 20 List of all time successful Clubs. Juve is third, right behind Milan.

    forza juve
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