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Jul 19, 2003
Juve-Real Joust for Gilardino

Parma have had their players evaluated as part of their administration and both Real Madrid and Juventus have dived in with bids for the top stars.

It is reported that the Spaniards were first in with a double offer of £17.5m for both Daniele Bonera and Alberto Gilardino.

Both players are also main transfer targets for the Bianconeri, who followed on with a bid of £10m plus youth team star Boudianski in exchange for Gilardino.

The bidding war broke out after Parma’s entire squad was evaluated as part of the administration process. It is reported that Gilardino was handed a price-tag of £12m, while Matteo Ferrari is worth £6.6m and his defensive teammate Bonera £6m.

However, considering the keen interest in Under-21 international Gilardino from a number of top European sides, that figure is set to rise considerably.

The Spanish press suggests that Bonera is being tracked in order to strengthen Real Madrid’s weak defence. They have already signed one Serie A star, paying £18m for Roma’s Walter Samuel, and new Coach Jose Antonio Camacho respects the Parma fullback.


Looks like Juve is finally making a serious bid. Who's made the more tempting offer though? And who is that Boudianski? Is he worth at least £2 m?


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Jan 31, 2003
not good to hear gilardino and bonera are wanted by real madrid. Boudianski is a good young player, maybe h ewill be loaned for a seaosn or two.

we should offer more player to parma as well as cash just to get this deal over and done with.


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Jan 30, 2004
++ [ originally posted by Christian j ] ++
yes that bullshit italian players in real hehe that bullshit
that will not happend and it did not happend ever
So Panucci's stint at Real was just imaginary?

The Arif

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Jan 31, 2004
i dont think gila would want to go to real madrid. he knows too that in real madrid he would almost never got the place in the first team considering that there are the likes of ronaldo, raul, portillo, morientes etc.


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Mar 31, 2004
yeap, I don't believe this at all... Besides, Boudianski shouldn't be sold, he's one of our top prospects for future, IMO he has the same potential than Benjamin and Chiumento, hopefully we won't ruin their careers...



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Feb 1, 2004
++ [ originally posted by Sidz-Inzaghi ] ++
Real would ruin Gila's career.....fukking spoiled rich club!:groan::(
you are right as he won't be playing there in the presence or Ronaldo, Raul and Morientes who will be back to Madrid this summer


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Mar 11, 2004
rmb, thuram and buffon were interested by real madrid too, but still weve got them, so hopefully, we will get ferrari and gilardino this time


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Jun 26, 2004
GILA only for juve...another team not suitable for him..especially madrid...did he want to be like beckham...a bad season..of course not..so JUVE the right way


Sep 23, 2003
If Real signs Gila, I can only imagine that he'd be treated like Morientes was. That would be a waste of Gila's talent.

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