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Jul 12, 2002
No I don't. I've heard rumors that Man Utd was coming, but I heard that Juve was too expensive. I know they played in the US in the early 90s. If it happened, I would be the happiest person in the world.


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Dec 31, 2000
Ok here we go..

Juve will be be playing FC Barcelona on July 27 in Boston, Mancester
United July 31 in New York. Their will be another game with either
Celtic (Scotland) or America(Mexico)dates for this game has not been
set. Tournament is sponsered by NFL. :confused:
Scedule for the other games are:
Man Unt v Celtic July 22 Seattle
Man Unt v America July 27 LA
Man Unt v Barcelona Aug 3 Philadelphia
Barcelona v ? July 30 ?
Tickets go on slae March 15, 2003 with ticketmaster. Foxworld will also
be showing the games live.


NFL? What have they got to do with it?


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Oct 28, 2002
no one has said anything in sometime about the Juventus Visit to the United arab emirates in january!

i want to know recent information about the event. (i.e have the tickets been placed for sale? the price of the tickets? ....etc)


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Feb 18, 2001
:eek: @ Dino

July, tour in the United States

For whiteandblacks it will be a summer in “stars and stripes”. In July Juventus will be in the United States for two prestigious friendly matches against famous European teams: Barcelona and Manchester United.

Whiteandblacks will face the Spanish team on the 27th at the Gillette Stadium in Norwood (near Boston, Massachussettes) and the English one, that Juventus will face also in this year’s Champions League, on the 31st at the Giant Stadium in East Rutherford (near New York, New Jersey).

It’s a very prestigious iniziative for Juventus and for the North American football, an intitiative that was welcomed by the whiteandblack society. Here are the Vicepresident Roberto Bettega’s words about it: “It’s a very interesting and positive initiative for the image of football, especially the Northamerican one, with its growing number of fans and, more generally, for the sport in itself. The recent results of the Usa National team in the World Cup, played last summer in Japan and South Korea, prove this growth”.

“We are happy because this tour will allow the ‘soccer’s fan to watch matches between some of the most important European teams which have always represented the tradition of this sport”.



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Jul 12, 2002
++ [ originally posted by nina ] ++
and the English one, that Juventus will face also in this year’s Champions League, on the 31st at the Giant Stadium in East Rutherford (near New York, New Jersey).
Juventus, playing at Giants Stadium, a mere 20 miles from my house. Oh boy, hold my calls for July 31st. I'm gonna go wait online for tickets now, see you all in a few months

I'm a happy camper :D

Juve-Man Utd...only 6 months away :D:D:D


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Dec 7, 2002
Barca to team up with Man Utd and Juventus on U.S. Tour

BARCELONA (Reuters) - Three of Europe's biggest football clubs -- Barcelona, Manchester United and Juventus -- are teaming up for a pre-season tour of the United States to open new marketing opportunities and promote the sport there, the Spanish club said.

The Catalan club said that the 11-day tour, which has been arranged as part of its strategic alliance with American Football's National Football League (NFL), would include a match against Juventus in Boston on July 27 and one against Manchester United in Philadelphia on August 3.

The opponents and venue for a third match to take place on July 30 have yet to be confirmed.

"The tour forms part of the club's commercial strategy which is designed to open up the United States market," read a statement on the Barcelona website.

"The tour will represent an important source of revenue in terms of television rights, sponsorship and marketing."

The club said that the tour's official presentation will take place during Super Bowl XXXVII in San Diego on January 26.

Barcelona entered into a three-year partnership with the NFL last February with the two bodies agreeing to work together to support each other's operations on either side of the Atlantic, each promoting the other in their own countries.

Barcelona agreed to support the Spanish city's NFL Europe team the Dragons, and the NFL have helped Barcelona schedule their tour which will take place at American football stadiums.

The strategic relationship was the first between a major American sports league and a leading European soccer club although Manchester United and the New York Yankees baseball team unveiled a similar business link-up last year.

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