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Jan 31, 2003
well, sculli is as good as gone. miccoli i cant see having a future with the club as long as del piero is there.

gasbaronni is more of a winger than a forward.

Chiumiento has done well for the senior team with limited chances.

paladino has to prove himself b4 making any assessment.

benjamin has the talent to be something

kovalenko is the same above.

but in reality, not all will be there for juve. zlatan will be and trez isnt that old either. so maybe one or two could have a chance. even though we know moggi will buy elsewhere.

Mr. Gol

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Sep 15, 2004
I'm not sure if Sculli is actually ours. We gave 50% of him to Chievo as a part of the Legrottaglie deal, but at the start of the season Chievo co-owned him out to Livorno. This means that there are two options:

1. Chievo bought our part and then sold it to Livorno.

2. Chievo co-owned THEIR part. Which means we own 50%, Chievo 25% and Livorno 25%. Talk about complicted contract!
May 4, 2004
++ [ originally posted by Arif ] ++
The only one who can make it in Juve's first team is Benjamin.
palladino is doing better then benja... in there new club, (loan) in salentina(spell) serie a club... 4 goals pala 2 goals benja, both playd 3 matches..
May 4, 2004
++ [ originally posted by simpson-juvefan ] ++
chiumento didn't play in the last SErie A game for Siena or?
he did play in the first serie a game for them, i think he came on in the second half, but about the game 2 he dident play... !

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Jul 22, 2004
++ [ originally posted by Sidz-Inzaghi ] ++
bah. with Pazzini coming.....i'm not suprise if Juve play 2-3-5 next 2 or 3 season to come
Pazzini's comin? is that a wish or is there sumthin goin on? All this time I thought Pazzini's supposed to be the next DEl Piero.

Miccoli, Sculli? hmm, I hope we bring atleast miccoli back, we need his type of play. Gilardinho (if we should ever chase him) plays like trez or zlatan in my opinion so having miccoli back would be good 4 us.

hows benjamin playin anyhow? gettin any good?


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Jul 12, 2002
the pazzini deal is very mysterious,it all sounds like more than a rumour,but nothing is to prove that there is anything concrete.


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Sep 4, 2004
paladino scored on penalty as salernitana was held by triestina 3-3


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Jul 12, 2002
miccoli's never coming back.

a few weeks ago he had the fiorentina crowd douse him with water to "wash away his juventus soul".

we'll never see him in juve again,

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