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Sep 16, 2004
Agnelli Heir In Love With Cassano
2/9/2005 12:09:00 PM
Lapo Elkann, also known as Gianni Agnelli’s favourite nephew, revealed his admiration for AS Roma starlet Antonio Cassano.
“I like Cassano because he is a person who came from nothing, and had an extremely difficult childhood. He is very hard to handle, but beautiful to watch. If handled well, he can become the true Italian talent,” said Elkann, who has been tipped to take over his late grandfather’s club Juventus very soon.

Cassano is currently undergoing contract negotiations with Roma, but if these fail he is most likely set for a move to the Bianconeri.

Today’s Gazzetta dello Sport indicated that the Agnelli’s automobile company, FIAT, would probably use Cassano as their testimonial if he ends up joining the mighty Old Lady.

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Jun 3, 2003
I dont think it makes things any more or less apparent than they already are. Juve admires Cassano. But then again, we admire Ronaldinho as well. So it still begs the question - is Dp's time up?
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