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Aug 1, 2003
heres a question. before juve won their 1st italian title in 1905, how did they get into the league? i mean, did they somehow register for serie a or did they have to climb up from seriec2 and all? and in 1905, is it serie a and do they actually have serie b and all or was it just one football league? :cool:

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Jun 9, 2003
It was 1 November 1897, fall season, in Corso Umberto, Turin. Some students from D'Azeglio Lyceum, planned to make a football team, the greatest ever. They are Eugenio and Enrico Canfari, discussing something about sports in UK and USA, the best at that time. At last, the decision was a football team. A football team that will go to the top of the others.

First, Augusta Tourinorum was chosen as it's name, but after a few thoughts, they changed it to Juventus. They used a pink shirt as the jersey, like the third jersey of Juventus, now.

In 1903, one of the textiles wholesale dealer, Mister Savage, who lived in Turin, saw the pink shirts and the black slacks used by Juventus players. He was impressed, and suggested to restock the jersey by importing from England, a more complete equipment for that jersey. He, then, contacted a Nottingham's textile manufacturer. He ordered the manufacturer to produce the pink and black jersey. The clerk there, saw the jersey. He saw that the pink colour looked rather white and stained. Then, he saw the similarity between the "stained" jersey and Nott's County's jersey. The County's jersey was also back and white. He sent their jersey with some changes.

When the pack was opened in Turin, none of the official nor the player was happy. They mocked at it and they didn't appreciated it. But, after considered that there was no other choice, they adopted it.

The esordio of the jersey was filled with sadness. Juventus lost 0 - 2 from Genoa at the last match. The next year, they reached the last match to with Genoa. At that time, Juventus also lost 0-1. But, in 1905, the Black And White jersey showed it's strength. It took Juventus to the top of Italian League, the first title of Juventus, after beating Genoa. It was also the first scudetto title from 25 titles they have now.

Their first president was Enrico Canfari. He died in World War I. Actually, Juventus started participating in the League in 1900. They were beaten by the other team. But, with no despair in the players, they got the first title in 1905, under the rule of Alfredo Dick, the president of the team, who had chosen to go to Torino, Juventus's neighbour and rival.

From 1905 until 1926, they couldn't get the title because the other team like Inter Milan, Casale e Pro Vercelli, AC Milan, which was the greatest team, at that time.But, after that, they gave no chances for the other.

In 24 July 1923, Agnelli family gained partnership with Edoardo, father of Giovanni and Umberto. Eduardo was the son of Fiat owner. Eduardo, the, take the position of president from Corrado Corradini, the author of Juventus's official anthem, which was used until the sixties.

The players who were famous at 1923 was Giampiero Combi, a goalkeeper. Then Munerati came in 1926 to help Juventus. Together with Bigatto, and Rosetta, they chased the second championship title. After that, Carlo Carcano, Caligaris, Ferrari, Borel II, Monti, Orsi, Verglien I and Verglien II, Juventus got 5 consecutive championship titles from 1931 to 1935. Then, in 1938, they won the Coppa Italia.
In 1933, Juventus, for the first time, played at Stadio Comunale.This stadium had a good meaning for Juventus. It will be in our heart forever. This stadium was built for the respect for Giampiero Boniperti, Sivori and Charles. Also, the stadium was honoured for the presence of Michel Platini, Roberto Bettega (Juventus's Vice President now) and Rossi.

Eduardo Agnelli, died on 14 July 1935, after looked Juventus reached the top for the seventh time, on a plane accident in Genoa. But, 12 years later, another person from the Agnelli came. It was Giovanni Agnelli. He changed Piero Dusio's position as the president in 1947.
In the hand of Giovanni Agnelli, Juventus had only two titles. In 1950 and 1952, Juventus got the eighth and the ninth championship title, under his hand. And, in the year of his retire, 1953, in Juventus's home, there was one more cup, the Coppa Italia, with the help of the most famous player, Giampiero Boniperti (459 matches, 179 goals). But, the other's contribution like Carlo Parola, Praest and Hansen was also big.

In 1956, Umberto Agnelli, Giovanni's brother, was elected president. Charles and Sivori, a very good player, at that time, was signed on Umberto's period. In Umberto's period, Juventus also get 3 championship titles that is on 1958, 1960 and 1961. And, when you see a star above the club's logo, you will look at two firste star. It means that Juventus has gotten 20 championship titles or more. So, the first star was gained on 1958, the tenth championship title.
In 1967, the thirteenth championship title was in their home. With Vittore Catella as the president and Heriberto Herrera, as the coach, they got it easily. On 13 July 1971, Giampiero Boniperti retired as a player and went to the presidency of the club. He signed three most powerful coach. First, Vycpalek, then Parola and at last, Giovanni Trappatoni (now in Bayern München). And, under his period too, Juventus got the first title in Europe. It was the UEFA Cup in 1970. And, in 1985, the most famous title, the Champion's Cup, was raised by Michel Platini, Dino Zoff, Tardelli, Boniek, Cabrini, Causio, Paolo Rossi, Roberto Bettega, Gentile Brady, Capello Anastasi, Altafini, Cuccureddo, Benetti, Bonisegna, Furino, and the most loyal captain, Gaetano Scirea. Scirea, the best player and captain below Boniperti, was the best player. He died because of plane accident on 3 September 1989.

Under Giampiero Boniperti too, they got their second star on 1982. And, they started to wake up in European League. After that, some great players retired from their job. The living legend from France, Michel Platini, on 17 May 1987.

In 1990, Juventus's sacred stadium, Delle Alpi, went into touch. They got more and more titles in this stadium. Also, on 5 February 1990, Giampiero Boniperti, the best president of Juventus retired. And, the successor was Vittorio Chiusano, until now.

After that, there were more good players in Juventus. They got Roberto Baggio, Dino Baggio, Roberto Bettega, Luciano Moggi, Luigi Maifredi, Giraudo, Marcello Lippi, Gianluca Vialli, Fabrizio Ravanelli, Paolo Sousa, Alessandro Del Piero, Angelo Peruzzi, Didier Deschamps, Antonio Conte, Ciro Ferrara, and others. In 1995, their best year in this decade, they won the second Champion's Cup, and the ninth Coppa Italia. But, Andrea Fortunato, Juventus's beloved player died on 25 Aprtil 1995 of leucimia.

Also, again and again, talented players came like Filippo Inzaghi, Christian Vieri, Nicola Amoruso, Alessandro Birindelli, Paolo Montero, Moreno Torricelli, Zinedine Zidane, Alessio Tacchinardi and Alen Boksic, also Paolo Montero. They came one by one to be with the best team ever, JUVENTUS.


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Jun 9, 2003
IMO they just joined the league as there werent so many teams then as there are now. They joined Serie A right away, since Juve and Inter are the only two teams that have never been relegated.


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Apr 22, 2003
Nice clipboad work Zlatan.

And you're probably right, they prolly just got chucked into the top division when there were too many teams for a single league (since they're one the earlier clubs to be founded)

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