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Mar 24, 2003

I'm coming over for the Quarter Final from London, and have no idea where to sit in the ground. I've been to Turin before, but have never seen Juve play live. Can anyone tell me where would be best to sit? I really want to be in the heart of the atmosphere (would that be with the Ultras?) so I get the full experience, but wouldn't want to be the annoying and unwelcome Englishman.....

Any help much appreciated!

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Aug 28, 2002
The Ultras are in the curva (behind the nets) and this is not the best point to see the game... so it's your choice: do you prefer to be in the middle of them or to have a better view?
Anycase IMO noweare is a good place to see a game in Delle Alpi, cause ther's the atletic runway around the field and cause the public is very faraway from the game... According to most of the Italian fans it's one of the crappiest stadium... I guess you will feel it even more cause in England you are used to be more near to the matches... Let us know the impression that you had of Delle Alpi!

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