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Mar 25, 2004

I´m Hugo, I´m Mexican and juventino. Well I think that these season was black and white like the juventus itself


Juve won't win the Champions League
Juve probably won't win the scuddetto
Roma, Lazio and Inter have defeated Juve
Juve lost the first Final match of the Coppa Italia

Until March 2004 Juventus was able to win the champions league, the scudetto and the coppa italia.
The "Giovanili" won a lot of tournaments and some of them like Chiumento, Boudiansky and Palladino had shown they are skillful players they are the future of Juve.
Pavel Nedved with the GOLD "BALL"

Well after analizing this points I consider that Lippi have done an excellent work, unfortunately important players were injuried and some defenders showed that they are a little bit old. Ferrara has 37 years WOW it is incredible he still plays for a big club like Juventus but I think he must retire. Thanks for all Ciro.

So I think that if two new defenders are buyed and we have 4 dangerous attacants Juve will get the three championships next year.

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Dec 23, 2002
Well the only thing that was bad about this season, is that our defense was too bad.

Another point is, that we had three decesive games in one week. And for this games we missed 7 key-players. Its a pitty, but I think we will win Coppa and still get a trophy!

Get me 2-3 defenders and more depth in the squad, and we will be the good old Juve!


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Jul 17, 2002
++ [ originally posted by Dominic ] ++

The upcoming Enzo Maresca.
yeah, i'm glad he got some playing time. it seems like Lippi has more confidence in him.

poor guy loves juve, but it seems like Moggi doesn't like him.


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Nov 2, 2003
All our misery are going back to two big mistakes

buying Leg
thinking Appiah can replace Davids

two mistakes and our Defence has gone. An Italian team without defence is worthless.


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Feb 13, 2004
give Legro a chance, it isnt easy for any player to come into a new team and have a great season in your first year, and its even harder for him when the whole team is low on morale and just not playing good football at all. i really think he'll come good next year and we'll be talking about what a great signing he's been.

im sure Juve will still buy 2 center backs, but then they will be the new boys that need time to settle in, and legro will be the man while the new boys are getting to grips with the great Juventus.

The Arif

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Jan 31, 2004
this season was bad and unlucky for us... in the august we had a great matches, we won supecoppa, birra moretti trophy and troffeo luigi berlusconi. but the second half of the season was too bad for us... we were playing bad and we unlucky...let's hope this won't be repeated in next season ;)


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Jul 14, 2002
We've got to give Legrottaglie a chance, just like we gave Thuram a chance. In his debut season for us Lilian wasn't anywhere close to his best, but he bounced back the season after and was one of Europe's best defenders.

Appiah on the other hand, hasn't even been that bad, but having to fill boots the size of Edgar Davids' was never going to be easy. I agree though, screwing Davids like we did was a big mistake.


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Jul 28, 2002
we allk new we needed more than jus legro last yea,r but all we got was leg. We now desperatly need reinforcement, last year it was nearly as important, but now we cant go on with out it.

Analysis....bought the wrong player, and not enough of them went in/out.

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