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Jul 2, 2006
Yes YES YES!!!! He is already one of the best, if not THE best defender out there at the moment. The guy is a beast, I was hoping we'd go after him.

But.. we won't get him..


Not entirely true, as far as I know Chelsea only have a first option on Alex and as Burke pointed out Chelsea and PSV are affiliated. Alex is fully owned by PSV.
they can buy alex for 1 dollar;)


7-1-3 where you at?
Apr 12, 2004
If Alex fails to get a work permit, which is very possible, as Juan is taking his starting spot in the Brazilian XI, perhaps Chelsea will be sick of waiting for him to become eligible for EPL? Or maybe they would want to loan him to Juve so that he improves further? He doesn't have much else to gain by playing in Holland anymore. By playing at Juve, he'll be on a team that is expected to be very competitive as well as diversifying his game.


Sep 23, 2003
Why not get Jorge Andrade of Deportivo?
I think he'd be a nice choice, IMO. Has the experience, and people have taken their eye off of him since he broke his leg. May not have a lot of quality years left in him, but he provides leadership at the back which we lost with Canna and Thuram leaving. Only problem is the Portuguese language disconnect for the most part, but that didn't exactly hurt Emo last season.
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