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Sep 23, 2003
He hides behind his "I'm just a comedian" schtick, but he's refreshing in that he's forcing a third perspective. Democrats and Republicans alike are cozy with their theatrical status quo, and it takes momentum from a third perspective to break out of mutual absurdity. (That's the role Ross Perot played in the 1992 election.)

But I've been saying for years that the rip-and-read American news media (read: infotainment) business has completely dropped the ball on any sort of public service. So shows like the Daily Show -- a self-proclaimed "Fake News" show -- have at least as much informational news as you can find on the serious networks and news programs. The difference being that they've dropped the pretense that they're not infotainment.

In short, Jon's been very smart in being two steps ahead of where the mainstream news media are headed -- while no longer using some false notion of journalistic integrity as a justification for being.

Layce Erayce

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Aug 11, 2002
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    swag- you summarised the situation well. It also seems like American politics is in transition, its experiencing a change-

    All of a sudden all these voting scams, and doubts over the 'diebold' machines, the fluffy questions asked at the debates, bowtie carlson, all undermine the integrity of the american political process. Who would have predicted this?

    There will have to be huge changes to overcome this sudden loss of faith in the electoral process

    Zlatan: For a comedy show host to come onto CNN's very own "hard-hitting" crossfire, castigate the show, make a monkey out of tucker on his own show, and entertain the crowd at the expense of the very people there, all while looking like HE was the host of the show- now thats IS all that.

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