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Jul 6, 2004
On Chanell 4 it says that Udinese will sell Janku in Januray to eather Inter or Juventus.

It would be great if he comes here. I hope it comes true. With him we could rotate Jankulovski - Zambrotta - Nedved. so nobody would be tired. :). Jankulovski is also very versatile and our left side problems would vanish.
Janku could be our replacement for Nedved

If this happens and Trezeguet returns we will be sure scudeto winners. :thumb:

First team:

Zebina - Cannavaro - Thuram - Zambrotta / Jankulovski
Camoranesi - Emerson - Blasi / Appiah - Nedved / Jankulovski
-----------Trezeguet / DP ----- Ibrahimovic/DP

With Janku + trezegoal our stikers and lest side + blasi will be able to rest hen nedded :) . Emerson and Thuram don't need the rest anyway becaouse they don't play for the national team. Camoranesi can be replaced equaly with Olivera. Zebina has Pesotto for replacemnt but he was very good this year (bravo Pesotto). And we have around 8 CB (don't know the exact figure) and atlesat one of them will be in good enough form to replace Cannavaro for atleast 80 % of his contribution.

And if we get Chiellini and Maresca next year. :crossfingers: . Zambrotta can move to RB so Zebina has enough rest (on the bench :D ) and on the left side we have Janku and Chiellini :thumb:. Next year we will also be able to buy a new CB because many will retire so Cannaavro will also have a good replacemnt. :thumb: . With this team CL and scudetoos would be just raining in to Torino.

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Jan 31, 2003
i dont know...he is a good player and all, but i dont think we should get him. if we get him, he will want to start obviously. the team as it is set and sure he has great versitility and all and we can rest many players with him in the squad.

chiellini will never get his chance unless zambrotta does move to that right side.

i honestly think inter will get him as they actually need him. i'd be happy to just secure chiellini and maresca, i think they will be the right players to get back.

king Ale

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Oct 28, 2004
I hope we buy him in january and put him as a LB in team.then replace camo by zambrotta.

zebina canna thuram janko

zambrotta emo blasi nedved


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Mar 11, 2004
we dont need him, but if we really get him in jan

zambo thuram canna janko
camo blasi emo nedved
treze dp


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Apr 22, 2003
++ [ originally posted by barkuss ] ++
Cant have two total-attacking full-backs
then we could just keep Zebina in the team, and deploy Zambro and Janko on in the left fullback and left midfield positions, allowing Nedved to have more of a playmaker role

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