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Dec 23, 2002
Through out the whole season we heared about Jankulovski! Nedved wants him at Juve, and Moggi also said, that he would like him at Juve!

Yesterday I visited the soccerage, and looked at the transfer information at the bottom. I knew that Gigi signed, but suddenly I saw that, according to soccerage, we already signed Jankulovski!

You think this is true????

I would personaly welcome him with open arms. He is very versatile and with Nedved together, we would have the best left-midfield in the world.
Believe me, I watched Czech Rep. against Austria. I was at the stadium, and Jank scored a goal, with Nedved asissting and the whole game, they played together like Ronaldo and Ronaldinho!
Watch him during Euro 2004 in the four men defense together with Nedved on the left in a 4 men midfield. Simply great!

P.S.: Here is the link! Look at the bottom of the site!


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Jul 14, 2002
Yeah I know. I went to post it there but the pic was too big and I haven't had the time to edit it yet...

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