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The Informer
Dec 19, 2003

I am here today to tell you that we have reached a sensational partnership with the biggest Italian forum dedicated to Juventus, J1897.COM. I was contacted a couple of weeks ago by Giancarlo and was asked if we could join forces and make this happen.

I don't need to remind you that Juventuz is the biggest forum for English speaking fans dedicated to The Old Lady with more than 8.000 registered members and more than 1.000.000 posts. There's no doubt this was meant to happen and two great forces join together for a great partnership that will bring us more views from fans in Italy and Europe , more exposure and many surprises.

Here's a little history of J1897:


A great love story.

May 31st 2005

That day started a great love story, a great love story called J1897.COM.

The love from Juventini all over the world for The Old Lady became tangible, on the web, all over the world.

108 years after the foundation of our biggest passion, Juventus, a group of Juventini spread all over Italy and Europe decided to bring to life a dream they wanted to share with thousands and thousands of Juventini all over the world.

The fulcrum of J1897 is passion, right from the first day.
Us bianconeri fans of J1897.COM, together to share a passion.
Our passion.

The forum, a story that is relatively new, a year and a half of growth continues.
In these 18 months the numbers of the forum have grown immensely:
more than 13.000 registered members
an average of 25.000 visitors per day
an average of 10.000.000 pages viewed daily.
(source: Google analytics - October 2006)

Exceptional numbers that have carried J1897.COM to the apex between the largest on-line communities in Italy and Europe.

A Forum always in front line, especially in the summer of 2006.

The most difficult summer of Juventus's history as seen J1897.COM fulfill a role of protagonist next to Juventus in every judicial actions taken.

The will from us fans of the forum to defend Juventus against that dishonourable media attack we had to suffer last summer helped creating a group of shareholders, season ticket holders, simple fans called DifendiAMOlaJuve.

DifendiAMOlaJuve and J1897.COM went to the administrative court of Lazio to fight for Juve but had to stop because F.C. S.p.A Juventus decided not to appeal to this court.

They subsequently presented themselves at the chambers of arbitration and counsiliation, gaining more and more credibilty towards the media.

TV, Radio, Web, Newspapers.
J1897.COM as been mentioned by many media outlets thanks to numerous initiatives like:
The letter to Borrelli
Letter to Cesare Ruperto
Letter to Commissioner Luca Pancalli
The boycott campaign "Neanche Un Euro" "Not A Single Euro"

All of these have all made some noise so far.

J1897.COM as definitely became the epicenter for the Black & White fans on the web.

The merit goes in great part to all the fans who make the site work each and every day and make it the most popular Italian forum dedicated to Juventus.

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