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Mar 31, 2004
talian football is currently on trial as several clubs and individuals are in court over a betting scandal that allegedly took place in May.

The trial opened on Tuesday in Milan, with the prosecution asking for stern penalties to be handed out to those involved.

Punishment desired by the prosecution include, Serie C relegation with six points docked for Modena, six points docked for Sampdoria, six points docked (and subsequent relegation) for Siena and nine points docked for Chievo.

With regards to individual players, Sampdoria's Stefano Bettarini faces a three-year ban, Modena's Antonio Marasco five years, Siena keeper Generoso Rossi one year and Roberto D'Aversa six months.

Siena coach Giuseppe Papadopulo and his then Chievo counterpart Luigi Delneri face a six-month suspension, with officials from both clubs and representatives from Modena also looking at stiff sentences.

It is expected that a verdict will be passed in the next few weeks.

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