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Jul 12, 2002
I am sure every one has their opinions about how good or otherwise Trapatoni is and whether he should still be manager of Italy.

Personally after the wc, I wanted him fired, but the problem was who will take over and thats where i got stumped

Lippi, very successful manager at Juventus but will he make a good manager for the Nt, after much thought, i have to say no and this because, I don't think he is good with man management for one as he falls out with too many players for my liking and in the Nt, you have to deal wiht too many egos, who are superstars in their respective teams, also his record against non Italian teams or big matches in not great. At Juventus, he had a wonderful team of players but we lost twice in the Cl final because imo, Lippi was at a loss of what to do, and this is where you have to be good at International level.

There are no really small teams where you can defeat and hope for your main rivals to slip up and also Lippi at Inter was not a success because he could not deal with the egos there.

Capello brilliant manager at club level but will he make a good Nt manager, he too i have my doubts as he had a marvellous team with Milan but only won Cl once and his record in Europe against non Italian teams is not as good as you will expect

You have to ask yourself that how come a league that boasts such players as Ronaldo, Vieri, Crespo, Sheva, Bati, Dp, davids rui costa i could go on and on can be so unsuccessful in Europe as of late.

To me its because there are too many Italian managers in SerieA right now and they are not good to me as they do not know how to bring out the best in atacking players, just defenders, look at in Italy right now all the up and coming players are players with energy and defensive qualities but little flair e.g Gattusso, Giannicheda, Donati, Brighi, Blasi, Gatti, Canavaro jr etc, the likes of Pirlo, Maccarone, Cassano will continue to kick their heels because of the cowardice of Italian managers.

I watched Atalanta 3 seasons ago and the player that caught my eye was Doni, but all the talk was of the less talented players like Zenoni twins, Donatti and Zauli, why because thats the way it is in Italy, always the work ehtical player other than the naturally skilful ones and if the skilful player is umhappy he is not playing, hes branded a troublemaker like Cassano

Players like Michael Owen and Raul, i guarantee you will not have been world renown by now if they were Italian because they won't play them. If you look at the Epl and Dutch league, young players are coming out left right and centre only because they are given the chance of shining while in Italy where is the next Dp, where is the next Baggio, will they will be allowed to play

The best managers are the dutch, germans, spanish and the French.

Look at the wonderful job that managers like wenger, Houllier abd Tigana have done in the Epl, what Hitzfeld has acheived in Cl without huge stars, Toppmuller with Leverkusen last season, Sammer in just 3 seasons as manager, Beckenbauer winning the wc, Voeller had never managed in his life but still led a very poor Germany to wc final.

Lets compare two ppl who were comtemporary players Koeman and Ancelloti, Ancelloti for some very strange reason has been the boss of Parma, Juve and now Milan but he has yet to win a title or cup, he has led his teams to embarassing defeats in Europe and compare that to Koeman he has been a manager 2 or 3 seasons and already he has won the double and watch out Ajax this season in cl but more importantly he has brought out players noone had really heard of and is going to make them into household names

Believe me SerieA will be more interesting and more exciting and successful with foreign managers in charge of the top sides

In closing i think Italian managers are bad as they think too much about tactics and systems and not a lot into players.

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Jul 12, 2002
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    well i don't get it.italian managers are top in thier profession,there just cannot be any doubt about that.
    Tops how, they have great tools to work with and still mess up, look at Milan if Terim was left there, I am sure Milan might have won the title.Look at their record in Europe when they have to pit their wits against other counterparts and they fail miserably. This season alone in inter toto Perugia and Torino are out, Bologna are on the brink and player for player these clubs have better players than their opponents so tell me what else can be wrong.

    Gentile yesterday says he is satisfied that his team lost at home to Germany, his reasons were that the Germany team knows themselves more.

    Anyone else apart from an Italian would have taken Italy to world cup glory, how many Frenchmen or Germans would have taken a midfield as terrible as that and how many teams in the wc had goalkeepers, defenders and strikers as good as Italy had. Its no good saying its Trapatoni's fault because Lippi and Capello would have done the same.

    Do you think its a coincidence that last season was very close but with boring football, when every manager apart from Cuper was Italian.

    Liverpool are the most boring team to me in Europe but even they looked exciting against Roma when they played at Anfield as Capello decided to play 5 midfielders for fear of losing

    Zeman's teams were always so exciting, even Ericksson brought something different with him.

    No wonder players like Baggio will always clash with the likes of Lippi, Sacchi and Capello because they care not for the player but some silly tactic.

    P.s its not foreigners who are to blame for the lack of quality Italian midfielders its the managers, players like Baronio, Morfeo, Fiore, Pirlo, Doni, Asta, Spinesi, Locatelli, and lots of players i do not know their names are not allowed to develop but instead crap like Gattusso, Tomassi, Di biagio are allowed to play constantly

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