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May 13, 2004
Hello everybody

I'm working on a project about Italian footballclubs.

But I have 1 big problem. My Italian is very bad.

Can some one help me in finding some footballteam (just the name off a team and if possible an webadres) in the provence of Imprérian and Savone. In with serie there playing, it doesn't matter.

Thank you

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Jul 14, 2002
whats juve got to do with savona or imperia.... they are both in Liguria (iirc)where as juve(torino) is in Piemonte

probably closest proper team is genoa


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Jul 17, 2002
++ [ originally posted by Shadowfax ] ++
whats juve got to do with savona or imperia.... they are both in Liguria where as juve(torino) is in Piemonte

probably closest proper team is genoa

he's just asking us because we are juve fans and we might have an idea about the other teams in the region. he's not saying the juve has anything to do with Liguria. read it again Paul.


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Jun 25, 2003
VUILE RAT!!!!!!!!! ach ja, jullie team blijft tenminste in eerste klasse, das natuurlijk ook waar. Maar langs de andere kant hebben jullie daarvoor wel eerst een andere club op koelbloedige wijze de keel moeten oversnijden. Niet dat ik of iemand anders in België een grote fan van Germinal Ekeren was, maar toch. Laat aub die Germinal weg en maak er toch gewoon opnieuw Beerschot van!
Dec 27, 2003
vuile rat = dirty rat.

He's complaining about the fact that Belgian teams Beerschot and Germinal Ekeren, which had been previously merged, were split in order to avoid Beerschot relegation and that Beerschot still calls itself Germinal Beerscot in spite of the splitting. If I am correct..
May 13, 2004
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    Tanks for your help. Let me explain whzerefor I need this information. This summer my girlfriend and I planning a vacantion to Itali. She want's to go to Liguria. Not a problem. But if you are in the region, you have to pay a visit to Juve. But she isn't a footballfan. Sow now I'm looking for teams in Liguria, to prove she can't avoid football.

    And about 'dirty rat'.

    Germinal Ekeren had to find a new partner in order to survive as an firstclass club. If you have folowed the Belgium competition, you now that many club have big financial problems. Remember Lommel, RWDM, KV Mechelen. During the season, they got in real deep shit and couldn't pay anymore -->Bankruptcy. What followed was an compleet malaise. Also this jear many clubs have to proceed with caution.

    Germinal Ekeren was an little provence club. Sinds 1988 they played in first division. In 8 years the played 3 times the final of the belgium cub, won it 1 time. In the competition they got into Europe. But in spite of the sportif succes, only 1 time they station got sold out = 8000 people against club brugge. On normal games you've got 3000-4000 supp.

    The committee was looking for new partners. First there was fc Cappellen (3 devisionclub). Later R Anwerp FC alias deurne-noord (nex season in 2 devision). But it got a fusion whit Beerschot (then 3 devision and bankruptcy).

    The name Germinal Ekeren chanched into Germinal Beerschot. The board and the team of Germinal Ekeren moved to the stadion of Beerschot. The supporters of Beerschot came back. The teamcolours are purple (beerschot) - yellow and red (Germinal). The regimental number for first class is 3530 (germinal). ...

    The descussion about which team is playing, is worthless. There is a new team playing in Antwerp. But still I go to watch with my scarf of Germinal Ekeren (yellow-red), cry 'germinal' instead of 'beerschot' like the rest. Look, beerschot and germinal are living only in our hearts.

    And bye bye R Antwerp FC

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