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Day Walker
Jul 28, 2003
I know it sucks now.We played a very very bad game.We just needed anybody to play a good game, but it was the opposite,everyone played a BAD game!!

If nedved played one game like this game last year he wouldn't even get nominated for the best player in europe!!His performance was a shame.This is the 1st time i see nedved not moving and waiting to get the ball!! what the hell has gotten into him this year.

I would say that legro played a very good match although it isn't his best.
Then there was our offense.Alex didn't play a good game, so was miccoli.Alex wasn't so bad.He needs good passes from the midfield to have a good game, but we didn't have one.So was miccoli.

Then we come to the midfield.If tacchi would play as that, in one more game he should be shipped of to perugia and we would get fresi back!!!He made at least 10 bad passes in midfield that cost us deeply.He also was very slow and he didnt move.I wouldn't say that normally but conte would've been a better choice.
Then we come to appiah!!!If lippi saaw him play like that last year he would've bought him from brescia and told to go play anything else than soccer!!!I didn't see a professional player play as bad as him in a CL game. And the problem it was decisve.
We needed maresca badly.Maresca is the best midfielder in juve at this time.The prroblem is that he wouldn't play at the next round also .

In this match i would like to praise the best keeper in the whole world.Gianluigi Buffon proved he is the best.While great keepers get downed by the pressure.Buffon downs the pressure .He is the best.

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Senior Member
Feb 18, 2001
Why do you have to start topics like this whenever we have a bad game? :) You could just open one and then post there everytime you think we suck.


Senior Member
Nov 1, 2003
even if we are out, i wont be too disappointed. coz we dont deserve to win playing like we did. next season, we'll come back with a bang ;)


Senior Member
Jul 28, 2002
We are not out, but it will highlight requirements for us....possibly one of the legendary Juve wholsales :cheesy:


Minimiliano Tristelli
Mar 6, 2003
++ [ originally posted by John #10 ] ++
We are not out, but it will highlight requirements for us....possibly one of the legendary Juve wholsales :cheesy:
Me too.. i just want this seaosn to end soon... :) i just want to know what moggi and cia will do.. which payers they will buy!.

About legro,, ok... just imeagine our current defense without legro,,,we ould have been a total crap!!!..... but when u see that roma signed chivu :stress: ok they did a bette choice.
Aug 27, 2003
we still have a chance of winning lukily as u said buffon did a wonderful job and he really svaed juventus from gettign knowcked off we just needed that one goal!! but well we didnt mange to get it due to the poor attack but del pieor was trying but not trying so hard!


Senior Member
Mar 26, 2003
++ [ originally posted by simpson-juvefan ] ++
maybe chivu would also play crap when he would have come to juve this year.. who knows??
Yeah players tend to play crap in their first season at juve. Their peaks usually come in their second and third. However, suprisingly Trez is a BIG acception to that theory.

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