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Apr 14, 2013
oh GOD yeah i literally forgot that pearl! We gave them our third keeper Carini for Cannavaro with no money deal involved lol!! we valued (nominally) Carini as much as lire (around 5m €).
Ahahah our we got our hands on Emerson as well from Roma (he then later joined Real Madrid so i guess we should consider him a wc player at least back then)
he was.

besides, he was also starting in the, what was hyped as one of the best brazilian teams of all time, at the WC in Germany :D

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Jul 5, 2014
he was.

besides, he was also starting in the, what was hyped as one of the best brazilian teams of all time, at the WC in Germany :D
Well i never considered Emerson world class..... and even Viera honestly... but maybe it's because the very recent years back in 2004 we had Zidane,Davids and Nedved xD 2 of them won the Ballon d'Or and the other one was simply a beast!


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Jun 25, 2003
One thing i cant fail but notice, is the significantly higher level of italian players in those days. When they got even less chances as they are getting now.

Where are the young Buffon, Zoff, Scirea, Baresi, Maldini,Costacurta, Tasotti Nesta, Cannavaro, Facchetti, Zambrotta,Albertini, Totti, Pirlo, Riva, Rivera, Baggio, Del Piero, Rossi, Vialli, Zola, Ravanelli, Vieri ??

Lets not forget the all italian milanese defence in the early 90ties, mostly italian juventus mid 90ties, the serie a blend that won it in 2006, etc.

When Serie a was great,it has allways had his fantastic generations. Most italian teams that were domminating europe, had an italian core (bar 2010 inter). Where did the talent go

It wasn't a Serie A blend that won the WC in 2006. It was Juventus. Hell, even France had many Juve (or former Juve) players. In my opinion, Serie A has been in decline since 2003-04.

I also think these things have a way of correcting themselves. Italy is too big a country to have a weak competition for a long time. There have been decades where English football meant very little and they are pretty much on top right now (even if results in Europe don't always confirm that, they pretty much are in every meaningful statistic).


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Aug 13, 2013
i remember last few years Tottenham knocked AC Milan out of the champions league, 11th schelke destroyed Copa italia winner 7-3 , the man utd side crushed AS Roma and so on (7-1) OWWW LOL:lol:
This season,roma were beaten 7-0 by bayern...
In the past 10 years, Serie A has had 3 CL champions and 2 runners up
now italian clubs are performing better in Europe and that will only increase the gap in points for the italy in the the coefficient rankings.i hope italian teams lead to success and in the future to realise it in Europe. they deserve to have more spots

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