Is Juventus going directly in Champions league next season??? (1 Viewer)


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Mar 10, 2004
This finish of season is very bad a lot of bad results in Seria A, Roma is running with +2 and Lacio is behind 14 points and one game less.
So i ask you what do you think can we beat Roma and be second on the end of this Seria A and by that go directly into CL???


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Nov 1, 2003
well, roma seems to be dropping points against maybe we mite be able to catch 'em IF we dont drop points ourselves ;)

i'd say, finishing 2nd is a possibility.


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Jun 3, 2003
Finishing 2nd seems likely, now that we we're out of the CL. With nothing else left to concentrate on. Although that takes into consideration the Italian cup is played over 2 legs that are almost a month apart.

I think we can topple roma from 2nd position. But come to think of it, it may just be a blessing in disguise to go through a CL qualifying phase. It wud help our newly acquired players get a grip of the system at Juve, so they would be ready for when the season starts in earnest.


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Dec 23, 2002
I think the Serie A is over for us, as we will go to Europe so, or so. And the qualification is maybe a good thing, as you have a strong team to play against in pre-season.


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Nov 1, 2003
no it wont ;)

but i think qualification is good somehow, the team gets the momentum needed all thru to the 1st round. but of course, we must win the qualification 1st :p

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Jul 12, 2002
Milan finished 4th and won the CL the following season, so the qualifying round is not terrible. Of course, it is better to finish in the top two and qulaify automatically and not put yourself at risk of missing out. There is a whole lot of money at stake, and those minnows can be so tough in a two legged tie. Especially when you consider that the qualifying match will be the first competitive match the side plays, then anything can happen.

Third place and fourth place in Serie A each play one qualifying round to gain entry to the Group Phase.
Mar 11, 2004
You have got to be kidding right? It would be very bad if we had to qualify for Champions League instead of having direct access. First of all we would risk getting beaten and not qualifying at all for Champions League. It has happened in the past to other Italian teams especially as other teams can be more fit and in form that us during that early period. Also it would affect the training and preparation for the coming season. No way...Juve must get that second place.

Third and fourth placed team get to do Champions League qualifying rounds in Italy just like Spain and England due to the UEFA coefficient. Lazio are far away so Juve will either finish second or third...
Mar 11, 2004
We will never finish fourth. It's not realistic...we have 14 points advantage on Lazio with 9 matches left. It's practically impossible. Do you honestly believe Juve would lose all those points? Even Ancona can maintain such a lead...

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