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Dec 20, 2002
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    No, don't get me wrong. Zlatan is a good buy. He's actually a very good buy indeed.

    Although with the amount of playing time he's been getting, he should have learned a thing or two by now. But reality is, he's playing exactly like the first day he came here.

    His finishing isn't any better than our midfields, except his headers. But that's fairly easy for a huge fellow like him. His footwork is useful in opening up defenders at the back where they are most vulnerable, but it's useless if he takes the shot at an uneasy angle instead of passing to another open man for a simple finish.

    I do hope that Capello will able to transform this talent into a world class talent like what he did to Cassano. But when? It's taking so long!!!

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    Jun 7, 2004
    zlatan is much better now than it was in day one,
    he is improving, he definitly has potential,
    he couldnt remain in juve s first eleven otherwise,
    we know that juve plays defencive football,
    there are times the attackers are izolated and have to create by their own, this is where zlatan is good and trying to proove him self.
    on the other hand we create very few chances and its needed a very opportunist striker wich zlatan isnt,
    zlatan isnt that bad, but juve has great expectations,
    remember how we gave up to di vaio without being a bad player.
    by the end of the season we will now if he really is juve material.
    i believe he has the potential to become better than trezequet, he just need to mature a little have a calm game with controled burst, he is trying to pass more often


    Juventus FC - Philippines
    Dec 20, 2002
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    With defensive play from Juve, I dont think we need someone who can create chances by himself. I think we need someone who has a high probability of finishing the little chances we get at goal. And Ibra's finishing is nowhere near deadly.


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    Jul 15, 2003
    Trezeguet is the finisher, while Zlatan is the guy who goes to the corner flag and holds the ball for a good two minutes.


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    Jul 30, 2003
    Capello should start to bench Zlatan IMO..he would thank him later....

    immerser potential :howler: ..appiah has immerser potential....but how much good that he bring? I'd bring the more industrious Tacchinardi anyday of the weak...


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    Feb 27, 2005
    These unnecssary dribbling saved us agains Bayern, remember?
    Zlatan not improving....bullshit! Do you remember him at ajax. He is great player now, with great potential. He still has to do some things, but definately not on the bench. In the matter of fact, if DP can't play with him isn't that DP's problem?
    I see in Zlatan new icon of Juventus.

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