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Jul 23, 2002
Inter Sign
Nesta and Crespo

Sell Ronaldo

After the World Cup some people get hybris

Florentino Perez is one of them'

During the club season both Nesta and Crespo where targets for Real.

After their nations weak world Cups.
And their own Anonymity. Crespo thanks too a naive manager,

And Nesta's due to injury.

Their value leaped down. Given the current transfer market and Lazio economic value

their price even went down lower.

Now Think Back to May2001 I know it is a long time there is more then one year before the WC kicks off.

Brazil have yet to qualify while Argentina has already won the COLEMBOL Group.

Crespo stake Is at an all time HIGH he has just won the GOlden Boot Award for Europe and the Scudetto Top Goalscorer.

Take now Ronaldo has tried to make a Comeback but again Failed.

Move now one year ahead. Its soon to be World Cup. Lazio have just finished another season quite poorly but Crespo has kept his goalscoring tally at 13 altough most of his season has been ruined by injury.

Ronaldo who has partly returned from Injury has scored 2or3 goals but everybdoy are debatting if he ever gets back to form.

Now 6months if you would Trade Ronaldo for Crespo. Everyone would of thought getting Crespo would be an Great affair even the Ronaldofaithful Internista.
Only ones who would of scuff at it would be the Brazilans.

Now this is only 6months back
And Inter has now signed Crespo for a bit under 20million :cool:

in June 2001 Moggi bought Nedved for 40million.

I Believe he easily would of paid 30 for Crespo.

At the same Time Inter has also signed NEsta. for about the same price as Cannavaro.

Personally I think Cuper is a very Lucky Man. Trade one of the most longtime injury prown strikers of the world.
For the Dynamic Hernan. And the Graceful Nesta.... Add to that a backline already Containing MAterazzi and Cannavaro.

Real Madrid is a Team to fear..... :groan:

No Ladies And Gentlemen Inter is a Team TO Fear :fero: :eek:


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Jul 23, 2002
You sure?

in the Newspaper it said


Does anyone now Why Juve haven't scaveged for the leftovers for Lazio

or is Moggi waiting to get first punch at Roma?


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Jul 12, 2002
101% sure

AC Milan have completed a stunning deadline-day swoop for Lazio captain Alessandro Nesta.

The 26-year-old Italy defender has been the subject of widespread transfer speculation this summer but it is Milan have finally won the chase for his signature.

The club announced the news on their website "It's official. Italian International defender Alessandro Nesta has signed with Milan a five-years contract which will expire on June 2007."


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Jan 12, 2002
For the record, Inter wanted to sign DI VAIO and not Crespo as a replacement for Ronaldo .. but since we got him, they opted for the Argentine ;)


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Jul 17, 2002
can you believe I waited 10 minutes to read a new reply to one of the threads?
And this is what I get!?!? :fero:


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