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Jan 1, 2003
Guys lets make this the thread for this. If anyone has any cool stories, formal/informal essays, historic documentary on Juve or any other team, or whatever, lets post them here. I'm Jamiliano got some good ones ;)

I have one. It's from soccerage.......

Wenger Warns FIFA Of Breakaway Threat
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Wenger's not a fan of the Confederations Cup (Allsport)
01/05/2003. Arsene Wenger has warned FIFA of the threat of a breakaway by Europe's top clubs from their domestic leagues due to their backing of 'mickey mouse' tournaments.

The Arsenal manager is referring to the Confederations Cup that takes place this summer and means the French and Brazilian players in his squad will have a disrupted summer this year.

Wenger told the News of the World: "We have to stop these tournaments with no interest and in which players don't want to play.

"Germany, Italy and Spain all refused to play in this Mickey Mouse cup. But France will play New Zealand - and that's really exciting!

"If we don't deal with these problems there's going to be a split, I've no doubts about it. Clubs will end up refusing to release their players.

"The G-14 - the alliance of Europe's biggest clubs - now has 18 members, and with 18 teams we could create a new League. This threat is not virtual, it is real."

The Confederations Cup takes place in France from June 18th to 29th and involves France, Brazil, Colombia, Cameroon, Japan, USA, New Zealand and Turkey.
Rob Hogley

Does anyone know anything about this G-14 alliance?

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Jul 14, 2002
G-14 is the outcome of the determination of the chairmen of the leading football clubs in Europe to join forces.

They chose to ally the power of their experience and the legitimacy of their professional and operational abilities to form the best ever synergy of skills that will actively help to secure the future of football and the necessary changes it has to pass through.

There is no denying that the collective achievements, experience and financial weight and influence of the principal European Football Clubs deserve to be heard as the voice of this sport's "excellence": G-14 is the voice of the clubs.

Our role

In the current football context and structures , decisions that affect the clubs do not take sufficient account of their views, their needs and experience because, until now, they were not directly involved in the opinion and decision building process.

As a consequence, G-14, based on its legitimacy of being "the voice of the clubs", has a clear objective: to give club football a fair contributory role in the large-scale decisions that will make the football of tomorrow while guaranteeing:

The prosperity and continuity of the clubs as key actors of football
The standard quality of the game itself (excitement, spectacle, etc.)
The continuity of the sport and its values

Our actions

To liaise between its objectives, its context and its fundamental involvement, G-14 must:

identify the consensual voice on each level
propose, dialogue, and endeavour involved in the decision-making process
ensure that it achieves the best possible level of constructive dialogue and relationship with the overall governing bodies (inside and outside of football)
use as many alternative diplomatic or strategic actions as possible to delay the final recourse, which is to openly deal with whoever or whatever needs to be dealt with
be leaders: to keep on being innovative and pioneering

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