i'm back...but not sure if any of you remember (1 Viewer)

Aug 1, 2003
hey to all the juve fans

i , uh, used to be an active member in this forum.. but then there were problems with my computer so i was inactive..

anyway, i registered myself again and i was just wondering if there are still any of my old friends here who remembers me? if none of you remember me its okay :D

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Sep 28, 2002
i remember your name as well. tho at that time i was inactive member myself.

you wouln't believe but couple of days ago i wonder wether that sallyinzaghi was a guy or a girl like current ones in buffon forums just that she's mad about pippo
Aug 1, 2003
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    wow thanks for the friendly 'welcome-back'... as for ash, he has been missing lately :confused: even i dont know where he is....

    thanks again! its good to be back! :D

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