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Jun 4, 2003
I wanted to announce you in time, so that you'll know that I'm not leaving you, nor
disappear. I just have to visit my grandma at the countryside for a week, starting with
this Thursday and ending with the next one. I will miss you all and these forums more than
you ever imagined and I hope to ba back with new ideas.

A couple of important messages :

1. To Stuart : since there I won't have Internet or TV, please PM me the results and scorers
from Le Championnat and Bundesliga if you'll have the time to.

2. To Erik : can I dare to ask you the same thing, but concerning the Dutch Eredivisie ?

Thank you. I'll be gone in 3 days from now, but I'll be back :D

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Jul 16, 2003
Seriously addicted gal :eek: :eek: <shakes head> :D :D can't leave us 4 a week :D

oh well, i hope that u will hv an enjoyable time on yr visit :) cheers :thumb:

dun wori..... forum won't run away while yr gone :D

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