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Oct 2, 2002
my friend is a big Viola fan, and her birthday is coming soon, so my and her sister are trying to contact the club to ask them if they can send her a letter... she will love it, but it's really hard...so we asked some of Italian plp tp help us to write the e-mail, but they didn't reply... and we are almost near the dead-line... I know that this is the juve forum...but it's the only one I know... so could you guys please help me to find an adress to contact them... all I have is the e-mail, which i got it from the officil site...

please help...please...I'm begging you

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Jul 14, 2002
Either phone the club on 055.5030190-1
Fax them on 055/579572

Or i beleive there is an email add on their website

or ask for some advice on violanews


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Oct 2, 2002
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    thank you guys ^_^

    thx shadowfax (cool name BTW:D)
    I got the numbers, but you said something about voila-news.. is that a forum or anything... is it a site? if so, can you give me a link...

    thank you again....I can't thank you enough:D

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