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Day Walker
Jul 28, 2003
Well after the win in CL and Cl draw placing us in a tough group, i hope that we apply these tactis in the coming stages on the three fronts:

transfer campain;
The deadline is in 3 days, we had high hopes but we didn't get them.Now i think that we don't need so many players;

We only need an extra defender or two thats it :i don't think that too much to ask mr.moggi.
I think that if inter want camoranesi soo much we would sell him to them, we have good midfielders this season, and they showed that they can put camo on the bench,and we need canavaro soo much.

and if he could oddo it would be a wonderfull, then we would a very very very tougher team than we are now.(now am not saying we are weak, we are only weaker than the other teams ON PAPER)
also i think we should drop out of the jankoo race, becuz we just need to focus.

Second the actual tactics:
i think the formation that played in the CL is the best at the moment but i hope we can put this formation

this formation is the one that played in the CL has balance.
NOW i think that tudor will get more involved , cuz he just signed new contract.

If the worst happens and we dont get any defender than the formation would be like that :


forza juve
sorry if its too long

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