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Jul 17, 2002
++ [ originally posted by Nicole ] ++
That is the record for the most red cards in a single season!

(Oh, and the game to stop Real progressing in the Champions League)
I hope so...

That might lesson the shame that they've brought on Italian football in just one CL season.

Sorry though, I don't see it happening.

PS Sorry about Chivu. A damn shame really.


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Sep 16, 2004
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    It just seems to be one thing after another, well at these there is a silver lining, no club can ever have as much bad luck in 1 season ever again.


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    Jan 24, 2003
    No. CL thread for the Madridian hate mail, transfer talk for Chivu, and while Misc Soccer is technically the right place for discussion of Roma's dicipline problems, there's already a Serie A thread.
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