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juve lord

Junior Member
May 12, 2003
for a moment i thought that i'm the biggest fan for Juve.....
but when i joined these great forumz.... i realized that it waz wrong way to think :)
all of us here are juve lovers......
so.....every juve lover enter this thread & write about ur feelings to JUVE & how did u like JUVE to become a ( special ) fan for this v.v.v.v.nice team ????
for me.........i have three things in my life ( to be honest ).... :)
1. my g.f :embarass:
2. Juve :angel:
3. food :D
so... u can see how much do i love juve....
& i began loving this great team in 1997 ( i guess ) when it was c.l. final against Ajax & i was watching the match with my uncle who i'm ready to swear that he is the most loyal supporter for JUVE :)
& i began to ask him about the players that he wanted to hit me :D
& from that moment i'm proud 2 be
that was juve lord for juventuz forumz....UAE. :D

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The DJ
Oct 30, 2001
rolled a dice.

1- manchester united
2- real madrid
3- juventus
4- ac milan
5- inter milan
6- grasshoppers

luckily I rolled a three


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Apr 3, 2003
the things in my life is:

1) juve-is giving me hope and strength

2) sweets-i am totally obssessed

3) friends-i hate being lonely....

that's how much i love juve!!!!!!
without juve my life would have had a whole......!!!

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