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Day Walker
Jul 28, 2003
Do you think that capello will apply the circulation system that Lippi used last year?

I think its a good system, and capello should apply it BUT patiently and only the bench player that could be in the starting formation.

For example if legro wasn't inform he shouldn't be in the starting eleven, the thing i don't know about is when to give a player a chance to play even if hes not in form?
well thats back entirely to capello's judgement and i think thats the best one that any team can get. i trust him.

Well what do u think ?

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May 11, 2004
He is working in a squad rotation system and I do not think we will see the same formation in 2 consecutive games

Mr. Gol

Senior Member
Sep 15, 2004
I like the idea of resting players, but only 2-3 per game. And I think the best 11 players should always play in the big matches unless injured or suspended.


Senior Member
Jan 31, 2003
its needed IMO. and i think juve have the players to rotate without having to change formation.

lippi used it well but unfortunately nedved could never get a rest cuz his tactics relied on him too much and there was no replacement. now with olivera and kapo, capello gets away with it.

Mr. Gol

Senior Member
Sep 15, 2004
As usual the Coppa Italia will be used to please all our benchwarmers and 2-3 players will be rested in every "less-important" match. Same as last year I think.


Senior Member
Sep 16, 2003
The difference this year though, is that there are 38 matches this time around, as opposed to 34, plus the fact that Juve has already played 2 more CL matches than they did at this time last year, plus the Coppa Italia, it acutally makes more sense to weave players in and out once in a while


Senior Member
Jul 14, 2002
Well, Capello sure is rotating the forwards as we've seen two different partnerships (Trez-DP and DP-Zlatan) in two games and it's very possible that we'll see Trez-Zlatan tomorrow.


Senior Member
Mar 28, 2004
But the most important is to rotate not only in the forwards, but in the midfield, where we have two key players: Nedved and Emerson. This two need to be taking care about, because season will be long and we need them for the crucial games.....


Senior Member
Aug 13, 2004
Capello has said that he wants to transform Kapo into a striker, it will be exciting to see. Anyway Zlatan is back to the Messina match, so there is Zlatan, Zalayeta and Kapo, not bad.

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