highly recommend Miracle of Castel di Sangro by Joe McGinniss (1 Viewer)


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May 1, 2011
I'm sure it's mentioned in the long books thread but, if this is ok, I wanted to make this separate thread because it's an Italian football book. And Iaquinta played there for two seasons though he's not in the book.

I want everyone to read this, it's so lovely, it almost makes me wish I'd never become a Juventus fan, and were a small club supporter instead. Reading it, I was seized with this dream where my life went differently, I just up and left the US and settled in some remote corner of Italy and followed the local club.

The guys on this team, they live with the townsfolk, they eat at the same local restaurant every night with townsfolk, everyone knows everyone, it's football as mirror for life, which no big club is no matter how much you think it is. It's also crazy... affairs, deaths, the mob, payoffs, Baggio, the Italian media's concept of the quasi-fatto ("almost facts", lol!). I think Italy must be the most richly textured culture in all Europe.

The one burning question I am left with at the end of it is, why Massimo Lotti never got a callup to Serie A. And I wonder how Vincenzo I felt when he found out he's going to Juventus, after spending time at this club. That must have been surreal.

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