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Jan 20, 2004
Hi everyone im new to this forum and I don't support Juve I support Ac milan but I am a big admirer of juve and the azzurri and their players. I am already a memebr of the milan forums but I wanted to check out the other seri A teams hope you guys don't mind me here.

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Oct 2, 2003
Of course we do mind:fero: get atta here:mad:

wait a minute,i'm not a juve fan anymore:embarass:

anyway welcome to the forums,I hope you didnt take my first sentence seriously:D



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Aug 26, 2003
++ [ originally posted by kaizer ] ++
is this forum omitting milan fans' feromon or summink? :p

you mean emitting :p Omitting means to leave out :D and its "pheromone" :D hehe

ok enough of my Spelling 101 class.

but yeah sure does feel like this place has been attracting a lot of Milan fans lately for some odd reason.

anyway...Welcome ...

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