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Apr 24, 2003
hi i just joined this forum, my name is fabiana i am from venezuela and i LOVE juventus. im so glad i found a forum like this because here most people like barcelona so today and yesterday lots of people wanted to beat me up.
well my favorite player is edgar davids i just love him and the way he plays
i dont know what else to say, juve is my life i hope they win CL as well as the league. i will be joining everyone here and posting threads and commenting etc
forza juveee

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Mar 22, 2003
Really??? Venezuela??? Wow!!! I am from Venezuela too... Nice to meet you!!! And you are right everyone here is fom barca...

Anyway welcome :D


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Mar 5, 2003
Yes welcome Fabiana. This is the best Juve forum which ever exist. Enjoy it. It´s great that we are here from all over the world and our greatest love is Juve and only Juve. Bye Bye


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Apr 14, 2003
Hello there! I hope you feel right at home here. So far, Juve is your team and Edgar is your player. Seems to me like you are on the right track! :thumb:

Cheers! :)


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Feb 18, 2001
Bienvenida Fabiana! :cheesy: Qué gusto ver otra juventina latina!

Visita nos en el topic que se llama Hablas Espańol? ;)

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