hello to all the is peoples in is this goodly forum (1 Viewer)

Layce Erayce

Senior Member
Aug 11, 2002
hello my is name is laresca. i just comes in to is say hi! how is forum todays? is good? no?

hello to people who no me who is, and who not know me is who.


man i love this place :D :D


Senior Member
Jul 12, 2002
Oh the board crashed and was down for about a month until Martin decided to get off his lazy ass and fix it :D

Just kidding, of course :D

Layce Erayce

Senior Member
Aug 11, 2002
Its lac :rolleyes: :D

and NEKTON who's that girl in ur avatar- my god she's hot!!! tell me she's ur sister!!! please!!!!

btw hi DaJuve and bongiovi- long time no see! hows ur grandmother??


Junior Member
Jul 13, 2002
hi lac ,
i wondered who's this guy whose nick name is look like lac's nick name...
distracting topic "hello to all the IS peopleS ..."
well welcome back ,lookin' forward to seeing you online.:)

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