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Il Tedesco
Feb 1, 2005

my name is Tino, and I live in Anklam, Germany!
My english is not so good, but i think you understand what i try to say.:D
I support Juve since 2000, and I think I'am one of the biggest fan in meck pomm (its in the east of germany)!

My favorite player is Ruben Olivera, because I think he is very talented and plays his best season!
I hope you welcome me here!:cool:

Forza Juventus


Senior Member
Jan 24, 2003
Welcome to the forums Tino. There are a couple of Germans here, including Kurvengefluster, one of the moderators, so I'm sure you'll fit in fine. Don't worry about your English - it's better than mein Deutsch!

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