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Oct 12, 2003
The love story between Juventus and me started in the winter of 1998.
Before that, i've never known the excitation of soccer. Although I have to admit that the only Juventini i've been really creazy about is Pippo Inzaghi, and I'm still follow him now, Juventus is my sole host team now and forever. One of my biggest dream is to take a place in Del Alpi and watch the performance of my heros.
I think I'll have a good time here with sooooo many ture Juventini around, which is hard to imagine in my hometown.

Wish to be your friend~~

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Apr 3, 2003
hello cucci!!
(btw cucci is 1 of my fav!! )

of caurse you'll be our friend!!!!!!!
the only passport that is needed to enter this forum and our friendship here is love for juve! ;)

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