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May 28, 2009
I have heard of people not believing Heliocentrism, one of my friends told me he knew someone that believed it didn exist. I treat the idea with conetempt and i find it laughable that someone has posted an article denying it, fucking moron.

Darwin, of course, only popularized evolutionism with his book in 1859, giving it a supposed mechanism thru natural selection and mutations, both since demonstrated to be utter nonsense.
People like that get me so angry :(

The author doesnt seem to understand the difference between scientific theory and standard theory. Scientific theory means that some is fact until it can be proven otherwise, when the term 'theory of evolution' is thrown around it means that evolution is fact and it would take god coming down and telling us he made everything and to prove it to stop being fact. As opposed to standard theory which is to theorise or to created an idea in need of proof.


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Apr 15, 2005
ßüякε;2363636 said:
Get the fuck out of here...

That's nothing.Over here,i heard a preacher say "The westerners are very clever.They went to the mood in the middle of the month,when it is full.If they had gone at the start of the moon,they would have slipped off the edges"


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Jul 15, 2002
ahhh, thanks for the laugh :juventus:

If this guys isn't a poe, i sincerely hope that he is righting this from an institution, cause he definitively needs help

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