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Gino Genesio

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Nov 14, 2004
yea me a couple of weeks ago i played in 6de klasse :D you understand me dutchman :D

and know i play in 8ste klasse

that's because a dutch man like you mij gekloot heeft en mij aangegoven heeft wegens een deal maken met een andere speler dus eraf gegooit en nu heb ik terug een ploeg ma da int 8ste :(

sorry people for saying that in dutch that's because i am lazy to translate it in english :( :D


Sep 23, 2003
I caught the bug. Just earned promotion to Division V last weekend.

For a lot of people, the pace is a little too deliberate ... like chess-by-mail or something. That's actually one of the elements I like -- which runs counter to the ADHD mindset of most popular games. The huge amount of international participation and supporting apps and docs is also a big plus.

Btw, I'm swag_v in USA V.143 (was VI.117). You can tell my team, because all my team's press releases are in my own butchered attempts at Italian. :D


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Oct 12, 2004
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    ++ [ originally posted by azzurri7 ] ++
    I didn't like it...yuck
    What's wrong with the dutch language? :(:D

    I am playing this game for a couple of months now. I am playing in 9th. My standings:

    1. Jansoe United 6-15 (34 - 2)
    2. Magic Almere 6-15 (26 - 10)

    3. sv Leerdam 6-13 (16-11)
    4. FC Vulpen 6-12 (20-12)
    5. Supportus 6-6 (7-16)
    6. japiejo 6-6 (8-24)

    7. Grasbuiters 6-3 (5-27)
    8. FC Kaz 6-1 (3-17)

    I am Jansoe United. I won 7-0 against Grasbuites, Lost 1-2 against SV Leerdam. won 7-0 against FC Vulpen, won 9-0 against japiejo, won 5-0 against FC KAZ and last sunday i won 5-0 against MAgic Almere. CHAMPIONS!!!! :D

    Gino Genesio

    Senior Member
    Nov 14, 2004
    i am ->Juventus<- 5the in VII but know i am gonna have 12 points :D i am sure of that ;)

    its my first year in VII so i hope to be in VI nex season.

    who wanne play me???

    challends me i am Gipaco ;)

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