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Aug 1, 2003
the trailer's out! [i just realized that] it'll be out on jan 4th i think. i can hardly waiit, i wonder who plays sirius, and how does buckbeak actually look like plus my sis told me hermione looks real ugly :eek:


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May 29, 2003
I think Gary Oldman is quiet okay for playing Siruis Black, but I hate to see that David Thewlis plays Remus Lupin... Because Luin is my favoruite character and I hope that Christian Bale or Ralpf Fiennes are going to play him! :(


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Jul 28, 2003
whos playing Dumbledore..? after the late richard harris..?

originaly quoted from sallyinzaghi
the trailer's out! [i just realized that] it'll be out on jan 4th i think.
it will be released on June 4th..


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Oct 2, 2003
++ [ originally posted by sallyinzaghi ] ++
hes also the director of a little princess or something, i loved that movie when i was a kid. wait, im still a kid.

oh well. loved it ;)
you are how old are you?


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Jul 14, 2002
++ [ originally posted by tarmpropp ] ++
I've never read a Potter book or seen one of the films, I donm't like all the hysteria around it.

Big Potter fan, Paul?
Im a fan of the books

Dont think a great deal of the films... but my daughter loves them so I have to watch them.
Aug 1, 2003
tarmpropp, i didnt like it either till i read the book. needless to say i was amazed ;)

i think i'd prefer michael gambon to play dumbledore, i had problems with richard harris's vocals, its too soft

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