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Apr 9, 2015
Hardstyle is an electronic dance genre mixing influences from hardtechno and hardcore. Hardstyle typically consists of a deep, hard-sounding kick drum, intense faded or reversed basslines accompanying the beat, a dissonant synth melody, and detuned and distorted sounds.

Hardstyle is really popular in The Netherlands (ofcourse, it is founded here), Italy, France, Australia and Germany. It is becoming more popular now in South America, there is even an evenemnt called Mysteryland Chile.

Examples from mainstream:


Hardcore, formerly called hardcore techno, is a subgenre of electronic dance music originating in Europe from the emergent raves in the 1990s. It was initially designed at Rotterdam in Netherlands, derived from techno.[3] Its subgenres are usually distinct from other electronic dance music genres by its faster tempos (160 to 200 BPM or more[4]), the intensity of the kicks and the synthesized bass (in some subgenres),[5] the rhythm and the atmosphere of the themes (sometimes violent),[6] the usage of saturation and experimentation close to industrial dance music.

More popular than hardstyle under the Italians and Germans but less popular in the other countries. It is a bit harder and faster than hardstyle.


I know it isn't really popular in all countries, but because it is (becoming) popular in The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Australia and South America and we have some members here i tought maybe you're also interested. Most of the people who listen this music are between 18 and 30.

Hope you enjoy it all! But i can expect that some of you don't like it.

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If you have questions, you are welcome :)

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