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Feb 9, 2013
Was talking about the door ones. Prefer kettlebell over bolting one to apt's wall for a few months.
Even the door ones work just fine if you have a sturdy doorframe and install it securely.

I’ve seen some accidents with those things but seems mostly from people installing in shitty door frames (flimsy 2x4, drywall/plywood wall not nailed on properly) that can flex.

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Screw one of these into the studs above a door frame and start training for rock climbing. ;)



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Dec 27, 2005
I did it for 8 weeks until i got drained mentally and physically, might give another stab in June. Now I'm just doing heavy low rep and lotsa dirty eating since I'm traveling.

Nice! Although I always though and perceived you as a much stronger dude, I though you can bench press at least 160-170kg's :D (ok, this compliment sound Trumpish :D )

I never managed to get back to real training since my injury in june 2019. and right after I finally made plans and even started easily to train this Covid-19 happened.

I used to have a home gym with everything I needed for heavy compound exercises, but since I got married and moved out of my parents house I left everything there to my father (he is 67 but still trains on regular basis). Gyms are closed, I don't want to go to my parents house because I'm afraid I could infect them with corona (I'm still working), so all I have is two 20kg's dumbells and 16kg kettlebell.

I managed some workout yesterday and I'm sore like hell today. I haven't lost too much of muscle mass, but my strength level is way low. It's gonna be a long road till I can again squat 170kg's, but that's my goal.


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Jan 15, 2015
i feel ya but i think it works the back more rather the arms with the narrow grip
yes and no

Yes, wide grip works the lats more in relation to the other muscles being worked during the same rep, this is why you 'feel' your back more

However in absolute terms narrow grip activates the lats just as much (if not more, since your lat rom is longer) but since your arms are recruited more you feel all muscle groups more equal and you can do more reps. You 'feel' your back less

In conclusion, wide grip is harder not because it activates the back more but because it doesn't recruit your arms as much. Narrow allows heavier load which leads to overall more effective back training

You're welcome

PS: I'm gonna try this today, looks fun
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