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Jun 7, 2004
Greece did it again!!!
They proved that what happened with portugal was not pure luck
and they can handle spain.
28' morientes
66' haristeas
spain was better than potrugal but just dont good enough,
there were many declarations that they wont be pleased with the draw only but they didnt look like they wanted more,
or they couldn t? ;-)
noone was impressive looks like group A hasn t any future in the competition as every team is worse than the other. :D
jouquin was brilliant as puiol and vicente.
Greece was a balanced team
who played only for the, obtained, rezult.

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Back & Quack
Mar 9, 2004
A draw was very fair. Well done greece:)

even though now i officialy love joaquin, what a player !!!!!!!!!!!!1


Back & Quack
Mar 9, 2004
joaquin was the best, and vincente, worked so damn hard. If juve sign these players.......... OMFG!!!!!!!




*wipes drool from shirt*

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