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May 14, 2004

Free-kick for Germany, the wall is not ready, nobody's watching the ball. The ref whistles, the German guys shots. Goal.
Belgium really looked like amateurs at a serie Z match.


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Oct 2, 2003
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I'm quite sure Enckelman's blooper was from a Mellberg throw-in
yup the one against Birmingham was from a Mellberg throw in.

:howler:who can forget that:cheesy:


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Jul 12, 2002
This season it has to be , goal keeper Butt scoring a penalty for his side and while still celebrating with the crowd while jogging back to his own net, the opposing team kick off and score directly from there, needless to say the next week Bayer get another penalty and he is prevented from taking it


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Mar 16, 2004
One time I was watching a college game and a central midfielder tried to clear the ball up pitch, but instead he rocked it towards the ref's nutz. I thought the ref was dead.

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